Lost and found


Jesus, the Good Shepherd, will leave His flock to search for one lost sheep (Luke 15:4). In 2005 He found one sitting in a crowded deli in Beverly Hills, Calif. And He used two unwitting visitors from Seattle, wife Alisa and I, to make first contact. We entered the deli because Alisa, a cancer survivor, was feeling nauseous (probably from nerves) following a thermography breast exam at a clinic across the street. She thought a bagel might calm her stomach. The only seat available was at a table occupied by a young woman, who invited us to join her.

Our lunch companion was open and friendly. She shared her life story: raised Catholic, former Vegas showgirl and go-go dancer, aspiring screenwriter. As we finished eating the conversation turned to spiritual matters. We had a brief window to share our walk with Christ. As the woman got up to leave – she was late for an appointment – Alisa pulled her Bible from her purse and asked if she wanted it. She said yes, stuffed it in her purse and darted out the door.

As we drove back to our hotel we marveled at God’s timing and providence. The Good Shepherd had dispatched two rookie evangelists, without training and credentials, to reach this lost lamb.

ADDENDUM – God was at work before our deli encounter. We arrived at the four-story medical building without the office number (we forgot to bring it). Every office had a three-digit number. Nothing more. So we stood in a hallway and whispered a short, panicked prayer. Our appointment was minutes away. When we finished I turned, opened an office door and poked my head inside. It was the doctor we were looking for. We were stunned. Alisa shared this fresh testimony with our lunch guest.

Written by Jeff King

Jeff is a retired newspaper journalist in the United States and follower of Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth

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